Student absences need to be reported daily, by a parent or guardian, to the school BEFORE 10:00 a.m. on a daily basis by a parent or guardian.

The preferred method to report an absence is by email: [email protected]
(Muirlands Middle School SECretary)

Please email or call within one week of your child's absence to avoid the absence being marked as Unexcused.

If needed, you can also call to report absences is: (858) 302-3150 option 2 (This telephone number is available 24 hours to report absences).

Please provide the following information when reporting an absence:

  • Student's LAST NAME (Please SPELL the last name)
  • Student's first name and grade level
  • Your relationship to the student
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence or nature of illness
  • Is this absence for a single period or a full day?


Regular and prompt attendance is the responsibility of both parent/guardian and student. Our goal is to provide students with the best educational opportunities available. Regular attendance is essential to achieving this goal. For this reason, we strongly encourage the scheduling of medical/dental appointments and vacations when school is not in session. Each day of classroom instruction is essential. Students are responsible for inquiring with their teachers about missed assignments upon returning to school after any absence. Please see the make up policy. Absences from school shall be excused only for health reasons, family emergencies, and justifiable personal reasons, as permitted by law, Board policy, and administrative regulations.

It is important that parents and students understand the following State and District guidelines. Be advised that parents must call the school office or communicate the reason for the absence/tardy with the School Clerk. Any absence not verified by a parent/guardian within one week will be marked as unexcused.

Excused Absences: Absences or tardies are considered excused only for the following reasons: *Illness such as vomiting, high fever or contagious disease. Please contact our health office if you have additional concerns. *Medical and/or dental appointments (time excused will only be for a reasonable time to attend the appointment). *Court appearances requiring student's presence. *Attending the funeral of an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, or family member residing in the home). *Religious Observances per district policy. 

Appointments: Please try to schedule medical appointments on late start days or before or after school hours to avoid lost instructional time.

Unexcused Absences: An unexcused absence or tardy is recorded for reasons other than those listed above. The following are examples of unexcused absences: going out of town, traffic, family celebrations.

Truancy: Any student who is out of class or leaves campus without permission is considered TRUANT. Parents will be notified. Truancy will affect grades and citizenship in classes missed.

Excessive Absences/Truancy: Excessive absences due to illness or medical appointments may require a doctor's note in order to be excused. We recommend a note every time the student is absent/tardy for a medical reason. Excessive absences and/or truant students may be referred to the district's School Attendance Review Board (SARB).


Students leaving school early for any reason must be issued a "BLUE SLIP" from the Attendance Office. Parents should email [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance to arrange this. When requesting a blue slip, please provide the following information:

  • Student’s LAST NAME
  • Student’s first name and grade level
  • Your relationship to the student
  • Date and time of pick up
  • Reason for blue slip
  • Person who will pick up your student (please make sure they are authorized on PowerSchool. If not, please add them following these instructions)

Please have your student pick up a blue slip in the a.m. in the Attendance Office. The student can then be waiting in the office for the parent's arrival. Parents must sign students out with school staff in the Attendance Office. Only people authorized on the Student Enrollment Card and in possession of a matching picture ID will be allowed to pick up a student during school hours.


Any student with permission to leave the room during the class period or performing a duty that takes him/her through the halls must have their Hallway Passport signed by a faculty member. Hall passes will not be given to students to return to lockers for textbooks or materials.


To apply for an Independent Study Contract, please  log on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. On the left hand side, select "FORMS", then "INDEPENDENT STUDY WRITTEN AGREEMENT" and submit after completing the required fields.
Independent Study Contract requests will be reviewed for approval on a case by case basis. ONE independent study contract may  be issued ONE time per year for a minimum of 3 days and up to 5 days.  Because teachers and clerical staff need time to prepare for an independent study contract, we appreciate as much advance notice as possible but require a minimum of 5 days prior notice unless the circumstances could not have been anticipated.
When considering a request for approval, the following criteria will be reviewed:

  • A contract will not be granted if a student has chronic or excessive absences or if the student’s academic or citizenship grades are below a 2.0.  

  • Students with IEPs will only be considered for a contract if this is specifically written into the student’s IEP. 

  • The school encourages families to take vacations during school breaks; therefore, a contract will not be granted for family vacations.

All assignments provided by the teacher must be completed and submitted by the date of return to school for attendance credit. Failure to submit assignments by that date will result in the absences being unexcused.  Grades will be determined by the supervising teacher based on the quantity and quality of work submitted.

If you have any questions or wish to confirm submission of the Independent Study Contract request, please contact the main office at 858-302-3150.


Students are expected to be in their seats with all necessary materials (books, paper, pencil, etc.) and be ready for work when the tardy bell rings. Students in Physical Education classes are inside their respective Locker Room and changing into their gym clothes when the tardy bell rings. School begins promptly at 8:35 a.m. All students not in their class by 8:35 a.m. must sign in at the Attendance Office. Students are assigned detention if they are tardy more than five (5) times in each semester. EXCESSIVE tardies will affect citizenship grades and are part of the End of the Year activity criteria.

Tardiness is tallied on a semester basis and can be monitored in PowerSchool. A plan for correction of repeated tardiness will be individually devised and enforced. Teachers may allow a tardy to be made up before or after school. The Attendance Clerk determines whether tardiness is to be excused. A note or phone call from the parent will not necessarily excuse a student’s tardy. Each teacher is expected to follow the school’s tardy policy. The policy is as follows:

  • For the first three unexcused tardies, the teacher takes appropriate action, and may contact the parent by phone or a note to be signed and returned.
  • If the teacher has contacted a parent, the teacher may refer the pupil to the counselor upon the fourth and all subsequent tardies. The Counselor will contact the parent. The student may be assigned disciplinary consequences.  

Tardies may affect a student's participation in the End of Year Activities and Promotion Ceremony. Please refer to the End of Year Activity and Promotion Criteria.

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