Citizenship Grade Rubric


Per SDUSD AR 5121, “Citizenship marks shall not be influenced by academic marks and reflect the student’s general behavior, punctuality, effort, and work habits within the school community. These marks are indications of the student’s ability to participate effectively in a democratic society…”

Behavior goals, language proficiency levels, and social-emotional needs shall be considered prior to issuing a citizenship mark. Absences for religious or cultural holiday observance, excused absences, and excused tardies shall not be factored into the citizenship grade.

Muirlands teachers calculate citizenship grades by matching their observations over 6-weeks to the Muirlands Citizenship Grading Rubric. Parents and students interested in knowing citizenship grades between progress reports should contact the teacher directly.

At Muirlands Middle School, the default citizenship grade for all students is an “M.” As described in the citizenship grade rubric, “consistently exceeding expectations” are needed to earn an “E.” Citizenship grades on each progress report (P1, P2, P3 and P4) reflect only the student behavior observed within that specific grading period. The semester (S1 and S2) citizenship grades reflect the student’s citizenship over the entire semester.

Exceeds (E) Consistently exceeds expectations in work completion, preparation, and participation and actively contributes to the learning experiences of their peers. 4
Meets (M) Consistently meets expectations: completes work on time, is prepared to learn, participates regularly, shows respect for others, and contributes to building a positive community. 3
Inconsistent (I) Inconsistently meets expectations: occasionally completes work on time, not always prepared to learn, participates irregularly, and rarely works well with others. 2
Unsatisfactory (U) Does not meet expectations: work is habitually late, not prepared to learn, does not participate, and does not work well with others. 1


Here is the link to the entire Board Policy on Grading - AR 5121
AR 5121 Grades-Evaluation of Student Achievement

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