Staff Shout Outs

Muirlands Staff Shout Outs
Posted on 03/15/2021

Shout OutsJoin us in celebrating the faculty and staff members of Muirlands Middle School!

Small gestures have a big impact. Giving a shout out is a great way to praise and acknowledge others for their work, inspiration, talent, and contributions to our culture of positivity, community, and kindness. Let’s put smiles on others faces by acknowledging a teacher or staff today!

Who can submit a Shout Out? Students, parents, teachers, administrators, coworkers, and all community members.

Who can receive a Shout Out? Any Muirlands Faculty or Staff member. Every teacher, administrator, secretary, and aide are an important part of our team.

It is simple! Please click the link below. The recipient of your ‘Shout Out’ will be notified on Wednesday and posted on our Muirlands website for all to see.

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So many times I have thought it is such a shame the parents of these lucky students can't see what I see daily. I have told Connor's parents many times how the teaching staff at Muirlands are absolutely amazing. I cannot single out any particular teacher because they have all been truly incredible! Each teacher offers a whole unique experience that seems to inspire such enthusiasm...I should say here they are mostly Seminar kids. Even in non Seminar classes like art, music and PE (God I love our PE family) the teachers are simply magnificent. So much work and preparation goes into their classes and I have been blown away as an adult observer. It is a form of theater and Muirlands has an Oscar winning staff!!

FRANK O. – Colleague


Dear Ms. Taylor. Thank you for making history so much fun. My daughter is loving it and so excited for her upcoming debate! We've waited eight long years to finally have you as a teacher! It's been well worth wait!!! You are the BEST!!!!

MIRA C. – Parent


Ms. Latta, Thank you for always explaining science so well to all the students. It really helps me understand the unit and feel very confident on a test. Thank you for inspiring me to love science more throughout the units.

TATUM T. – Student


Speechmasters was awesome. She made me better at writing as a whole and still is my best English teacher so far by a long shot

LUKE B. – Student


Dear Ms Preisman, your way of committing students to the projects and assignments makes their learning of English Language Arts a unique experience. They do not even realize they are learning; and they are proud to do so! Thank you for your work and for the weekly updates to us, parents!

ANNE F. – Parent


Dear Ms. Trombley, your science lesson are enjoyable for the students and they remember what they learn in class because they are committed to the way you teach them. Thank you for making science a positive and rich experience!

ANNE F. – Parent


Mr. Heinze, thank you for making our children grow up and still caring about making sure they have the tools and mindset to do so. Thank you for being there as a support for them while teaching them how to get to the next level.

ANNE F. – Parent


Just want to wish a happy Thanksgiving and appreciate all your hard work👍

KAZEM D. – Parent


Ms. Preisman, I really appreciate the way you give my child very challenging work and also give her the proper instruction to complete the work that you assign on her own. It is so important for children to be independent, and I can see the look of determination in my child's eyes when she works on the assignments that you give to her.



Thank you, Mr T, for helping my son stay on top of his math work and for encouraging him to bring his best self to your class. We especially have appreciated you taking your time early in the morning to meet with him and us and to show him you care deeply about his progress.

SUSAN W. – Parent


Despite being out on medical leave, Mrs M continues to grade work and provide helpful feedback to her students. I really appreciate her extra dedication to the kids. Furthermore, she has taken the time to find my son’s strengths and help him build on them. This is so important to him, as he has struggled in his English classes before and wasn’t able to connect as well with his teachers. Get well soon, Mrs Micolino— we miss you!

SUSAN W. – Parent


I appreciate that he always brings a fun and happy vibes to the classroom and he is ecstatic to teach and will always take time out of his day to help anyone!

AIDEN H. – Parent


I just wanted to thank you for making Reese love science. You are her favorite teacher and she really cares what you think. Thank you for all your hard work!

SHAWN R. – Parent


Mr Luna, I have been so impressed with you and all the teachers at Muirlands. Coming from a private school in 7th grade during a very trying time with Covid you all went above and beyond. Reese has straight A's and is so proud of herself. She's made wonderful friends and is having a great experience. I think a lot of that is due to your leadership. My mother was president of the school board years ago and a founding member of High Tech High and served on the board for 23 years as a volunteer. Education is a big deal in our family and I have been singing Muirlands praises. Great job!

SHAWN R. – Parent


Thank you

JASMIN F. – Parent


I really appreciate the way he has stepped into a tough situation teaching 3 preps and has done a bang up job!!!

VICTOR T. – Colleague


Ms. Latta, you are a great teacher. You give excellent explanations to all students. You are a great / funny person.

ROSHAN J. – Student


Mr. Luna, you are so cheerful and happy. I really enjoy talking to you. You have a huge effect on the happiness of the

dolphin community

ROSHAN J. – Student


Mr. Heinze, you are a great social studies teacher. I love your enthusiasm and kindness. You are very kind. You also have a great personality and understand all your students very well. You are also very helpful to the Muirlands Community.

ROSHAN J. – Student



Thank you for the help this morning with Reya. She was having such a difficult time and I don't know what I would have done without your help. It was obvious you have been through this scenario before. Your skill was impressive. She was excited with everything today; from your help to all of the teachers. Thank you again!

KATIE K-M. – Parent


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